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Battle and trade with other Pokemon D/P owners!

Welcome to pokewifi! We are a community dedicated solely to the wifi function
of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl -- due to popular demand, we also now allow posts about
Pokémon breeding and training, since both topics have their relation to trading and battling.

This community is hacker-friendly. Those who hack pokemon to giveaway DO make
note of it in their posts, in case you do not wish to trade with them.

New and/or blank journals will no longer be accepted for membership. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.
Do not repeatedly request membership. This only serves to piss the mod off.
Have a new and/or blank account? Come back in a few months after being active with it, then reapply.

Links of Interest:

Wall of Shame
Suggestion Box & FAQ


How to Clone via the GTS Glitch
How to Set Up Your Wifi and Find Your Friendcode
Action Replay and Pokesav FAQ
Common Action Replay Codes for Pokemon D/P


Asmor's Downloadable Pokedex
Legit Check (Only usable with .pkm files.)

The purpose of pokewifi is to help connect YOU to other people who share the same interest: Pokémon!

Mainly, this community is for trading Pokémon, items, finding friends, and battling. After a poll, we now also include discussion about Pokémon breeding and training, since it also goes hand-in-hand with trading and battling over wifi.

This is not a general Pokémon community for various questions or posts about the other games, the anime, or anything else - if you're looking for that, try pokemon or pokemon_adult (if you're over 18).

# DO NOT POST JUST YOUR FRIEND CODE. It's spammy - your post must have more substance than just a friend code, whether it be offers for trades, battling, or questions about wifi, training, breeding, or battling.
# All posts must be Pokémon wifi, training, breeding, or battling-related. There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule. Anything off-topic will be deleted upon sight. Posts pertaining to the wifi aspect of Pokémon Battle Revolution are allowed - keep game mechanics questions to places like pokemon.
# Play nice. You don't need to like each other, but you DO have to be respectful. This is a communal sandbox, let's make this an enjoyable place to play with our toys.
# No flaming. Self-explanatory. If you start problems, you're subject to having your membership reviewed and possibly revoked with little warning.
# No spamming. Here, asking questions about the game (not wifi, breeding, or battling-related) is considered SPAM. Don't do it, this is not the place for it. You will be warned and the post deleted.
# Please do not advertise. The only exceptions to this are advertising Pokémon or items you have for trade over wifi, and of course, if I've advertised pokewifi in your community or you are an affiliate, it's only fair that you should be able to advertise your community here, in return. :)
# If your post is long, contains large or multiple pictures, or contains spoilers, please use the lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to do this, please consult the FAQ concerning it.
# DO NOT DELETE, SCREEN, OR DISABLE COMMENTS UNLESS YOU ARE A MODERATOR. Seriously, biggest Livejournal pet-peeve ever. Chances are if you do this, I'm going to get very pissed and probably ban you outright. Deleting a comment to repost in case of a HTML error is fine, deleting comments any other time, even if it's just to clean up your post, is prohibited.
# Please limit your posts to ONE OR TWO A DAY. We have a very high post-volume here, and making multiple posts a day just irritates members and clutters friendslists. I WILL ban people I see posting more than twice a day. On that note, DON'T DELETE POSTS. This makes me angry.
# DON'T modify your text to be larger than what is default, unless you're using it for a brief header. If I find you abusing the font-size tag, I'm going to get very pissed off. Also, changing the font face and color of your entire post is unnecessary and I'll warn you or delete it.
# No more posts asking how to clone. Seriously, way too many have been happening. We have a tutorial on the subject, made by a member here.


As a common courtesy, you should always post what you are offering in return for something you are asking. People don't like responding to posts that sound selfish!

At the moment, penguinsane (founder) maintains this community. If you have an issue or a question, please feel free to contact me via my personal journal, or through email at penguinsane@yahoo.com.

If you want to affiliate, please contact me before posting.

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PIForums (General pokemon community with lots of focus on D/P.)
(Not run by the maintainers here.)
Pokemon Wifi League

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