Life of a gamer geek (gtasuxcoximho) wrote in pokewifi,
Life of a gamer geek

So I'm looking for a battle budddy. One who will either battle with me for fun or battle me and beat me so I can learn from the mistakes and redo my stratagy.

Anyone wanna be a friendly rival in Pokemon in Gen 6.

My Friend Code is 2750 1166 3233 the name is JoJo, I like doing flat even level 50 battles with as little legendaries as possible. If you decide to turn your mic on please speak english, its the only language I know.

Looking forward to new buds to battle.

Ill be online laying in bed smoking with my ipod till I go to sleep. So just leave your Game version along with your 3DS friend code and name and I'll add you right away.
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