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I am dying a slow death trying to find vivillon patterns on the gts and through wondertrade. If anyone has a spare or clone of the following I would be so grateful ;_;


To trade, I have some shinies and items to trade -

Y - 5000-2977-1362; Bailey

a shiny Horsea I fished up named Malthus,
a shiny pawniard from a random encounter named Saber,
a shiny trapinch named Nelle,*
a shiny skrelp named Baphomet.
Big mushroom
Heart scale x2
Star piece x3
Big pearl x2
Old amber
Dome fossil
Rare candy x5

X - 4828-5556-3198; Starscream

A shiny eevee named Bilbo,*
I have some evolutions I can breed to make hidden ability eevee (anticipation) and vulpix (drought) and dratini (marvel scale). I even have time enough at work to try for females if you want.
Stardust x6
Big Nugget
Rare bone
Rare candy x4

The nicknamed pokemon with an asterisk are unchangeable. I would be happy to attach an item to the above pokemon to sweeten the deal.

So in other words I don't have much to offer, but if any of this tickles your fancy let me know.
Tags: vivillon
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