Nagi (jumpluff) wrote in pokewifi,

Beldums up for grabs!

Hi everyone! I have 2-3 boxes full of Beldums as a result of trying to breed for a perfect one. these are all up for grabs (while supplies last).

These are ALL Adamant Nature with at least 1 perfect IV (mostly attack, then speed/HP and then others I can't think of)

Nothing I require really in return, but if you insist....
1. Perfect IVs Ditto (natures don't matter but would prefer Timid, Jolly, Adamant or Modest)
2. Timid Protean Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja with Toxic spikes (would be nice if it has some nice IVs :)
3. Jolly/Adamant Electabuzz (prefer with good attack/speed IVs). Electabuzz so I can have it bred immediately :) Elekid is ok otherwise.
4. Calm or Modest Togetic/Togepi with nasty plot and/or defog (again good IVs are appreciated, Togetic preferred so I don't have to wait for it to evolve for it to breed ;)

If none of the above I don't mind. You can give me junk 'mons or something to help me complete my Pokedex. =)

Aly | FC Code: 3969-5039-6117
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