Sarakazi (sarakazi) wrote in pokewifi,

I'm looking for Aron/Lairon/Aggron with it's hidden ability. Does anyone have one for trade?
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Have you gotten one yet?
Geeze. Well, I would be happy to Pokegen one up and breed a legit baby from it with it's hidden ability, if you would like!
That would be great, thank you! I've been looking all over for one. Even lost a Ho-oh to a fake on the GTS. :(
Wow, that's pretty ridiculous! I'll get to work on it~ it'll take a little while to mess with it if it decides to give me trouble. How long will you be around for?
I'll be around for 2 or 3 hours.
Ok! It won't take quite that long, haha! I will let you know when it's all ready! :)
Okay, thank you so much!
I'm assuming you're going to be using it for breeding? I didn't name it anything. But about to transfer it to my X cart, so just wanted to make sure!
Yeah, I want to breed it for good IVs. My FC is 1032-1887-1206.


November 29 2014, 03:45:28 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  November 29 2014, 03:50:15 UTC

4441 - 9865 - 8526; I will be on in just a second!

I am online now :)
You're welcome! :)