lanean (ex_lanean928) wrote in pokewifi,

Looking for Vivillons!

Hello all, I am looking for the following Vivillon patterns:
Icy Snow

I don't really have anything special to trade... but I can offer you Modern Vivillons, any of the starters, and I have a ton of Litleos in need of homes.

Any takers?
Lanean | FC: 0645-7110-4788

Also, I recently made another LJ account and I'd like to get membership to this comm on it, too. Is that possible?
Tags: vivillon
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Vivillons are one thing I never got around to checking, but I will tonight and see if I can offer you something you need. I play during the quiet times at work.

unfortunately all the scatterbugs I bothered to keep have turned up loose ends for you. :( I hope you find what you're looking for!
Aww, that's okay. Thanks, me too. :x
Yeaaaah.. this comm died fairly quickly. I was going to organize a new comm and hope that it would become a stable base for trading mainly, but it seems that everyone has gone through the 'phase' and is now gone, hah. (I'm currently contemplating if it would be worth my time to continue it..)

I don't have any Vivillions, though. Because I'm the absolute worst when it comes to collecting pokemon. But I hope you find what you're looking for!
I would think that with the upcoming release of ORAS, there will be more people looking for a community like this... Unfortunately, I'm thinking the problem is not enough people use lj anymore. They're all on tumblr, and there's facebook groups. Maybe if you made a new lj community and used tumblr/twitter/fb as ways of advertising, that would help? It's certainly worth a shot.
Yeah, can only hope! That's probably more of the issue, yeah, LJ kinda went 'out of style' I guess? Which is a shame really, because when I first joined this community it was bumping like no other.

Tumblr makes my firefox/laptop want to die crying, so I generally avoid it at all costs, haha! If I come around to getting it situated... maybe!