NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA (pandamonious) wrote in pokewifi,

Free Babies

Hi all! I have a bit of an influx in my boxes from breeding binges, so I'm offering them all up to you guys. :)

They are all located HERE, because I've just been shoving them all in a list so I didn't have to do it all at once.
(I would have posted with togekiss, but it hasn't been cleared to post, so I'm posting with this account! 8|)

Pokemon available are Eevee, Togepi, Absol, Yamask, and a few Charmander, Durant, Poliwag, Teddiursa, and Tyrunt! And also 3 Mystery eggs!

I will be Available at any time, basically. (If my phone actually alerts me to my emails, I will be around anywhere from ~30 minutes afterwards!)
If you have AIM and want to contact me faster, I can be reached via pandamonious17; if not, I would prefer you just post here on this thread instead of making me go back and forth to check for comments! :)
I am also in Mountain Standard Time, to clear up any possible time-zone differences!

I would also prefer some variety in fodder, if available, instead of just the same old junk! (If unavoidable then it doesn't matter!)

My names are Panda/IG: Kimi - 4441 - 9865 - 8526
Tags: pokemon give away, pokemon xy
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