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Pokemon. ON WIFI.
Pokemon, items, battling... oh my!
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Welcome to Pokewifi!

If your post is not related to: breeding, battling, training, or trading...

Contact me if you want to make a post and are unsure if it's on-topic.

Some points of interest:

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Looking for an easier way to list what pokemon you have and need? Check out asmor's downloadable pokedex!

Welcome to pokewifi, and I sure do hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :)

-- Maintainer penguinsane
5th-Nov-2017 04:37 am - Pokkén Tournament DX Gameplay: MEWTWO VS. LUCARIO & DARKRAI VS. CHARIZARD [Nintendo Switch]

Pokkén Tournament DX Gameplay: MEWTWO VS. LUCARIO & DARKRAI VS. CHARIZARD [Nintendo Switch]
22nd-Oct-2017 08:35 pm - Pokémon Go Halloween Event 2017 Gameplay: CATCHING GEN 3 GHOST-TYPE POKÉMON!

Pokémon GO Halloween Event 2017 is here! Gen 3 Pokémon are finally here!
In this gameplay video I catch all first 5 Pokémon from Hoenn region, Witch Hat Pikachu, and many other spooky Pokémon in evocative autumnal settings. Join me to hunt a lot of Ghost-type Pokémon together! ➡️ https://youtu.be/o7n5mQ4uCDI
13th-Oct-2017 02:05 am - What is Pokémon GO like in Florence, Italy? (Generation 2) | Gameplay

What is Pokémon GO like in Florence, Italy? (Generation 2) | Gameplay

I recently visited Florence, Italy, to go Pokémon hunting in Pokémon GO. Watch this gameplay video to witness some amazing catches, egg hatchings, and evolutions while exploring the city's most beautiful landmarks.
13th-Mar-2017 12:20 am
Miki x Askua
I've been going on rough times lately and just some Pokemon battles will cheer me up. Anyone wanna battle for fun? I won't care if I lose.


I have sun version
1st-Mar-2016 12:32 pm - Looking for a Latios for my Pokemon X game.
Walking Kura Icon
I know this community isn't very active but was hoping this would be worth a shot. I only need a few more Pokemon, and one of them is Latios. I don't have a Latias to trade though unfortunately,only other pokemon.

Would anyone be willing to trade one for me? Clones are okay just no ridiculous hacks please. I would prefer a non-nicknamed English Latios if possible.
6th-Sep-2015 03:04 pm
fuzz, missingno?!
Kind of a longshot, I don't know if anyone is even here anymore, but- Does anyone have a Hoopa they'd be willing to trade? Any kind will do, I don't even care that much if it's legit. (It's for my niece who is mildly obsessed with it.)

I have legit event Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, and Darkrai I'd be willing to trade!

Amanda - 5413 - 0492 - 7287
25th-Jun-2015 09:51 am - Dawn Stone
NO idea if this community is still active (I've been away for quite some time...) but just decided to get back into playing Alpha Sapphire and was saddened to find out that you don't receive a Dawn Stone until the end of the game (basically...)

So was curious if any kind soul out there had a spare one they wouldn't mind trading/giving?

It would be incredibly appreciated. <3
12th-Apr-2015 09:54 pm
Miki x Askua
So I'm looking for a battle budddy. One who will either battle with me for fun or battle me and beat me so I can learn from the mistakes and redo my stratagy.

Anyone wanna be a friendly rival in Pokemon in Gen 6.

My Friend Code is 2750 1166 3233 the name is JoJo, I like doing flat even level 50 battles with as little legendaries as possible. If you decide to turn your mic on please speak english, its the only language I know.

Looking forward to new buds to battle.

Ill be online laying in bed smoking with my ipod till I go to sleep. So just leave your Game version along with your 3DS friend code and name and I'll add you right away.
23rd-Mar-2015 08:34 pm - vivillon
I am dying a slow death trying to find vivillon patterns on the gts and through wondertrade. If anyone has a spare or clone of the following I would be so grateful ;_;


To trade, I have some shinies and items to trade -

Y - 5000-2977-1362; Bailey

a shiny Horsea I fished up named Malthus,
a shiny pawniard from a random encounter named Saber,
a shiny trapinch named Nelle,*
a shiny skrelp named Baphomet.
Big mushroom
Heart scale x2
Star piece x3
Big pearl x2
Old amber
Dome fossil
Rare candy x5

X - 4828-5556-3198; Starscream

A shiny eevee named Bilbo,*
I have some evolutions I can breed to make hidden ability eevee (anticipation) and vulpix (drought) and dratini (marvel scale). I even have time enough at work to try for females if you want.
Stardust x6
Big Nugget
Rare bone
Rare candy x4

The nicknamed pokemon with an asterisk are unchangeable. I would be happy to attach an item to the above pokemon to sweeten the deal.

So in other words I don't have much to offer, but if any of this tickles your fancy let me know.
20th-Jan-2015 10:36 pm - Beldums up for grabs!
Hi everyone! I have 2-3 boxes full of Beldums as a result of trying to breed for a perfect one. these are all up for grabs (while supplies last).

These are ALL Adamant Nature with at least 1 perfect IV (mostly attack, then speed/HP and then others I can't think of)

Nothing I require really in return, but if you insist....
1. Perfect IVs Ditto (natures don't matter but would prefer Timid, Jolly, Adamant or Modest)
2. Timid Protean Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja with Toxic spikes (would be nice if it has some nice IVs :)
3. Jolly/Adamant Electabuzz (prefer with good attack/speed IVs). Electabuzz so I can have it bred immediately :) Elekid is ok otherwise.
4. Calm or Modest Togetic/Togepi with nasty plot and/or defog (again good IVs are appreciated, Togetic preferred so I don't have to wait for it to evolve for it to breed ;)

If none of the above I don't mind. You can give me junk 'mons or something to help me complete my Pokedex. =)

Aly | FC Code: 3969-5039-6117
10th-Jan-2015 10:26 pm - Chimchar with hidden ability + perfect ditto?
Hi everyone!

Would anyone here have a Chimchar with ability Iron Fist? I'd prefer it if it would be of Jolly nature. Adamant is ok too.

Also, is anyone willing to share a Ditto with me, with perfect IVs (prefer attack/speed/sp att)?

Appreciate the help!
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